Monday 09/17/2018

from 12:00 | REGISTRATION
13:00–13:15 | Welcome & Introduction
Maximilian Moser et al.
13:15–14:45 | Multiscale oscillatory cardiovascular regulation discerned from microvascular flow and oxygenation 
Organizer and Chair: Aneta Stefanovska
13:15-13:45 | Dynamics of Microvascular Blood Flow and Oxygenation: are they a Predictor of Functional Outcomes Geraldine Clough
13:45-14:05 | Human subarachnoid space width oscillations in the resting state Marcin Gruszecki et al
14:05-14:25 | Multiscale oscillations in the kidney autoregulation: Dynamics and contributions Olga Sosnovtseva
14:25-14:35 | Analysis of dynamics and synchronization of oscillations in microvascular blood flow for medical diagnostics: photonics approach towards wearable devices Evgeny Zherebtsov
14:45–15:15 | COFFEE BREAK
15:15–18:30 | Poster Session
from 18:30 | GET TOGETHER

Tuesday 09/18/2018

09:00–10:30 | Poster Session
10:30–11:00 | COFFEE BREAK
11:00–12:30 | Biological Oscillations and Health
Organizer and Chair: Maximilian Moser
12:30–14:00 | LUNCH BREAK
14:00–15:30 | Nonlinear dynamics and model-free complexity analysis in physiological oscillations
Organizer and Chair:
Alberto Porta
14:00–14:15 | The role of the arterial baroreflex in respiratory sinus arrhythmia in healthy humans Maja Elstad et al
14:15–14:30 | Relation of 24-hour glucose variability and cardiovascular regulation Beata Graff et al
14:30–14:45 | Characterizing the Dynamics of Arrhythmic Beats in post-Infaction Patients Annette Witt et al
14:45–15:00 | Traditonal versus local sample entropy in cardiovasular variability analysis Alberto Porta et al
15:00–15:15 | Correlations in the magnitude of heart-beat increments as a measure of nonlinearity Pedro Bernaola et al
15:15–15:30 | Cardiovascular and brain interactions in dementia Aneta Stefanovska et al
15:30–16:00 | COFFEE BREAK
16:00–17:30 | Multiscale analysis of biological oscillations
Organizer and Chair: Luca Faes & Paolo Castiglioni 16:00–16:30 | Scaling Features as Universal Hallmark of Physiological Dynamics across Systems, States and Clinical Conditions Plamen Ch. Ivanov
16:30–16:45 | Multiscale Multifractality of Biological Signals: a Novel Approach for the Assessment of Integrative Physiology Paolo Castiglioni, Giampiero Merati, Andrea Faini
16:45–17:00 | Multiscale complexity of cardiovascular variability signals assessed by fractionally-integrated autoregressive models Luca Faes, Margarida Almeida Pereira, Maria Eduarda Silva, Michal Javorka, Ana Paula Rocha
17:00–17:15 | Multiscale Granger causality in brain and physiological networks Sebastiano Stramaglia, Daniele Marinazzo, Luca Faes
17:15–17:30 | Short term multiscale complexity of cardiovascular control identifies patients at risk of developing low cardiac output syndrome after coronary artery bypass graft surgery Vlasta Bari, Emanuele Vaini, Valeria Pistuddi, Beatrice Cairo, Beatrice De Maria, Marco Ranucci, Alberto Porta
from 17:30 | ESGCO Board Meeting (for board members)

Wednesday 09/19/2018

09:00–10:30 | Cardiac and sympathetic baroreflex controls in health and disease
Organizer and Chair:
Raffaello Furlan  
09:00–09:15 | Characterization of the latency and determinism of sympathetic arm of the baroreflex in healthy subjects and in patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Beatrice Cairo
09:15–09:30 | Heart rate variability in women working in hospital: a comparison between women with and without preschool children Laura Dalla Vecchia
09:30–09:45 | Baroreflex sensitivity in Constitutional Hypotension Giris Jacob
09:45–10:00 | Heart period response to arterial pressure rises and falls related to aging in healthy subjects and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients Beatrice De Maria
10:00–10:15 | Effects of prolonged head-down bed rest on sympathetic baroreflex control and orthostatic tolerance Franca Barbic
10:15–10:30 | Abnormalities of arterial baroreflex control in cardiac diseases Maria Teresa La Rovere
10:30–11:00 | COFFEE BREAK
11:00–12:30 | Nonlinear Dynamics in Medicine
Organizer and Chair:
Arkady Pikovsky 11:00–11:20 | Disentangling respiratory sinus arrhythmia in heart rate variability records Michael Rosenblum
11:20–11:40 | Characterising cardiac arrhythmias using multichannel ECG time series Ulrich Parlitz
11:40–12:00 | Synchronization profile of kidney autoregulation Olga Sosnovtseva
12:00–12:20 | Synchronization of autonomic control loops in mathematical model of cardiovascular system Anatoly Karavaev
12:30–14:00 | LUNCH BREAK
14:00–15:30 | Analysis of Central-Autonomic Pathways
Organizer and Chair: Gaetano Valenza & Andreas Voss

14:00–14:20 | Methodological aspects in modelling and analysis of coupled oscillators Lutz Leistritz

14:20–14:40 | Accurate measurement of changing physiological status by wearable sensors and Network Physiology paradigm Giandomenico Nollo, Matteo Zanetti, Mariolino De Cecco, Luca Faes
14:40–15:00 | Brain, respiratory and cardiac causalities: lessons from anaesthesia with sevoflorane and propofol Aneta Stefanovska
15:00–15:15 | Study of Brain-Heart Interactions by Exploiting Models for Generating Synthetic Physiological Data: a Proof of the Concept Vincenzo Catrambone, Alberto Greco, Nicola Vanello, Enzo Pasquale Scilingo, Gaetano Valenza
15:15–15:30 | Linear and non-linear brain-heart coupling analyses in schizophrenic patients Steffen Schulz, Karl-Jürgen Bär, Andreas Voss
15:30–16:00 | COFFEE BREAK
16:00–17:30 | Infering causality from spontaneously varying physiological variables
Organizer and Chair: Alberto Porta
16:00–16:15 | The impact of various respiratory patterns on the information flow between heart rate and blood pressure in hypertensive patients Grzegorz Graff et al
16:15–16:30 | Wiener-Granger versus probabilistic causality in disentangling physiological control mechanisms Alberto Porta et al
16:30–16:45 | Within-brain and brain-heart directed information flow: novel layers of causality and synthetic validation 
Andrea Duggento et al
16:45–17:00 | Couplings and phase coherence reveal that microvascular impairment is not fully restored with the current antihypertensive treatment 
Peter Mc Clintock et al
17:00–17:15 | Multivariate Granger causality reveals the functional organization of muscle networks during postural control Daniele Marinazzo et al.
17:15–17:30 | Directed non-linear interaction analysis of and between cardiovascular/cardiorespiratory and EEG data Karin Schiecke et al
from 17:30 | CLOSING REMARKS